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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jesus Take the Wheel

Audition week 2k9.

Just a few comments: Everyone either sang Carrie Underwood's "Jesus take the wheel," or Colbie Callet's "The Way I Am."

Jesus take the wheel...I kind of understand - I mean, it has Jesus in it and we're a Christian group. Sure. But if you change keys 3 times within a song, it's probably not a good idea to sing it. Also, any song mentioning the product Rogaine is utterly absurd and should be banned from the airwaves.

There. After 3 nights of auditions, much deliberation and a few 'who in the HECK ever told you you could sing's...we have called back 15 girls.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes spoken during deliberation/elimination by some of my favorite girls:

"She wore a logo t-shirt...TINO*!"
"I'M wearing a logo t-shirt!"
"Yeah...but yours is CHRISTIAN."
-Brett Batten

-Claire Harvey

"She's...the blonde..."
"True blonde? That is the question!"
-Evie Korovesis

"What's her major?"
"...Oh, okay..."

"My foot's alseep, I can't raise my hand!"
-Elisa Fernandez

(Reading an info sheet) "She wrote, 'This group sounded like a good fit,' I thought is said 'good sh*t.'"

"I HATE that word!"
-Claire (for the record, the word was 'religious.')
"Nerves you think it was? OH MY GOSH, I was just Yoda."

"She was breathing with her chest, and that's not how you sing correctly."

"Okay, yeses raise your hand...maybes raise your hand. Erica, why aren't you voting?"
"'Cause I was going to say no..."

Before playing scales for a girl: "OH SHOOT! How do you change it off of 'O, Christmas Tree?'"

"She smiled when she got the notes right, she was pretty proud of herself."
"That might be all she has..."

A girl walks in with abnormally long hair. Brett Batten looks at all of us and discretely pulls out her sheers and combs from her backpack.

*TINO is an acronym we use meaning "That Is Not Okay."

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