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Friday, September 4, 2009

Guess who's back?

Bleh! That's the sound of my resonating guilt as I think of how many weeks have passed since I last updated my blog. Whoopsies.

Again, Dr. Wendelken, my adviser and New Media Writing professor has emphasized the importance of blogs in the "new media." My future depends on the consistence of updating. This is my art; and I am neglecting it. What a shame. How dare I turn my back on my canvas?

Anyway, I will try to make this more of a priority, it being essential to my career and all.

Here's an update:
Went to the Dominican Republic. Loved every minute of it. Could write for days and days on how much I love that place. How I would gladly uproot my entire life and start anew there. Doing nothing but spreading the love of Christ.

That's so hard to do in America. Which is why I am thinking about going to Africa with YWAM after graduation. Or grad school. Still deciding.

Senior year has begun! I'm moved in my new phatty pad. No complaints except for the cat pee smell that is in every fiber of my carpet.

Also...funny story. As I write this post...guess what's happening? I'M GETTING A NEW DISHWASHER!

So, a week ago, Curtis, our handy-man, came by the apartment because we put in a maintenance request for our dishwasher. It would run fine, however, the dishes would be SOAKING wet (I'm talking cups and bowls full of agua here people).

Curtis comes in and asks me what's wrong, the conversation goes something like this.
Curtis: "So, what's wrong with your washer?"
Me: "Um. I'm not really sure...I just moved in here, but apparently the girls have had trouble with it not drying the dishes. They come out wet. S'probably something with the heater."
Curtis: "Hm...well, you know if you don't load it right, or have to many dishes they wont dry." (as if he is some dish-washing genie to my rescue).
Me: "I don't think that's the problem..."
Curtis: "Okay, let me get my tools."
A few moments pass. Curtis comes back into the apartment and tinkers around with the washer. By this time, I'm in my room reading.
Me: Creeping out of my room, "yes?"
Curtis: "Yeah, somethings wrong with your heater, let me see if I have something to fix it with."
Me: "Okay." (I was right, you tool).

Curtis comes back into the apartment, another 30 minutes later and exclaims "I HAVE A LEAK IN ANOTHER UNIT! I'LL COME BACK LATER!" runs out of the apartment and slams the door.

Ooookay. Great. So we have this busted Dishwasher. All of our dishes are in the sink. Fine. We'll deal with it until Curtis can come back.

Monday afternoon this is waiting outside our door:

Will, Claire's boyfriend comes into our apartment and says "Hey, you guys have a dishwasher waiting outside..."
Oh. Okay. Just leave the dishwasher outside, chillin' - exposed to the elements. It's fine.

Next thing you know, Curtis has moved the dishwasher INSIDE our apartment, which is not large, let me tell you. Not only has he moved it inside, but he moved it right in front of the television in our living room.
So...I put it to good use...


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