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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Think about what you're trying to do to me...

Oh, freeeeeeedommmm (thank GOD for Aretha!).

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Today I celebrate not only the independence of the U.S. from Britain, but also the independence of me from my ex-boyfriend.

A year ago today he and I broke up...at a cookout...at our pool. It's kind of funny now to think about. There we were, swimming along, then all of a sudden, "BAM!" the "we need to take a break" bomb was dropped.

Break-ups take a long time. I remember this one was especially long. We took a walk back to my house, and there we sat in my living room for three hours talking about how our relationship over the past four years had turned sour; blah dee blah.

Then he drove away I went to watch the fireworks at the baseball diamond with some friends. I was in quite the chipper mood, let me tell ya.

So, I decided that today when I woke up, I would have the best Independence Day ever (since last year's was so rotten) and I would celebrate the wonderful things God has done in my life since that blue (not so much red or white) day in 2008.

1. I got waaaay more involved in my church. Became the "drama coordinator," starred in a Late Nite Fandango movie, went and fell in love with the Dominican Republic, and made 25 of the greatest friends for life.
2. I founded a Christian sorority with three of the greatest girls at the greatest school in the COUNTRY. Became vice-president, and am living with the president next year!
3. I, with my a capella group, made a CD "Breaking and Entering."
4. I had the best academic year of my college career.
5. I went to New York and had a pretty epic trip - a true collegiate experience with stories that will remain engraved in my memory forever.
6. I survived a car accident.
7. I wrote TONS for my school paper "the Breeze," and had two articles published in "Madison 101" a magazine for rising freshmen.
8. I discovered Regent University, and am seriously planning on attending graduate school post graduation (all the pieces seem as though they are falling into place!).
9. I reconciled a lot of relationships that were put on the backburner when I was caught up in the whole being-in-a-serious-relationship thing - including my relationship with Jesus Christ.
10. I got an internship :)

Finally, I learned a lot about myself: I learned that despite struggles, failures, drawbacks, stress, and utter catastrophes I (through Christ) can pull through and get things done.

This is what I'm celebrating today - let freedom ring!

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