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Friday, July 3, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things*

1. My church:
This is the sanctuary to the beautiful St. Giles Presbyterian Church in Richmond, VA. Notice the red and blue shirts...they were a fundraiser for our youth group's trip to the Dominican Republic. Blue shirts are going, red shirts are commissioning. Even Pastor Hill is wearing one...way to go!
The representatives of youth going on the trip. (Blue shirts left to right: Joey Andrews, Grey Lambiotte, Caroline Wilson, Alex Hernandez, Me, Tinsley Jones). This is in our Resurgence youth room.
2. Being on stage:
This is where my passion becomes alive. This is where I become alive.
3. Following God's call/The future:
This summer, I am avidly praying for God's calling for my life post graduation. Regent University in Virginia Beach seems to be the perfect place for graduate school. It is the headquarters for CBN broadcasting - hello! Basically, I am interested in entering the Christian media field, and reversing secular media's and advertising's effect on old and young Americans alike. It is in the backyard of the Founder's Inn, a place where my family visits on our way to the Outer Banks. It is our annual vacation that our family looks forward too (a.k.a. best week of the year). So many opportunities have sprung forth from this bizzare discovery. Also, if I get a full time job at this inn that has such a strong hold on my childhood memories, I get 75% off of tuition. WOAH!
4. My family:

The Wilson and Shannon (cousins from Texas) kids on the steps of the communications building at Regent...and my crazy Aunt who jetted across the frame as the picture was being taken. Yup, we're related.

So, those are just a few of the things in my life that I am passionate about. Surely, there are so many more - but I don't know if the blogosphere/my attention span can hold them all at once.

Oh, I just thought of another thing I love: 5. THE FOURTH OF JULY! Hands down, my favorite holiday. It is the one holiday our nation celebrates that hasn't been sullied by consumerism and family obligation. It just happens, and you get to spend it with relatives that you actually like, and your friends. And you get to play with fire. Duh.

*in no particular order...

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