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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I fail.

I blame my fear of commitment. I can never seem to make things stick. I'm a starter, not a finisher. I'm an idea person. I say things like, "man...I wish things were different...why don't we start a [insert name of organization to change the world here] club and do something about it." and then forget about it 20 minutes later.

Sorry, blog. It's not you. I'm just afraid of fully giving myself away to you. I'm afraid no one will care what I write. I'm afraid of wasting my time babbling away, writing teeny, thesaurus-less words while the world is too busy reading O magazine, or something like it.

But, I shouldn't stop doing things just because I'm afraid. If I lived like that I would never buy another bathing suit again. I would never put hot sauce on my taco (and really, what is a taco without hot sauce?). I would never sing. I would never touch the ivory keys of my family's piano. I would never ride in an airplane. Heck, I would never ride in a car.

I would never graduate college; let's face it, that's my biggest fear yet.

So, there is a lesson to be learned here. Be true to your blog, or it will be false to you. Blog: I fully commit to you. I am sorry for being a flake in the past. See? Now you have it in writing. You may as well forget the dry cleaning and snore loudly, because we're married now.

Man, I write weird stuff after 3 cups of coffee...

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